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Name ASHLEY last name possibly "Angel".
Born August 1, 1981
Genres Pop Rock, Pop
Years Active 2000-Present
Labels Background, Universal

Disclaimer, we do not know if ASHLEY is Ashley Angel for sure!

Ashley Parker Angel (born August 1, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter and actor who rose to prominence as a member of the boyband O-Town. After the band dissolved he had a brief solo music career, and was the only former band member who declined to go on a reunion tour with O-Town in 2011. Parker Angel has acted in several Broadway productions since 2007, and most recently appeared in Wicked as the lead male character Fiyero Tigelaar.

Collaborations with Minaj

Nicki with a lady named "Ashley Angel". Unknown if this is the same Artist.

Ashley and Nicki.jpg