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Nicki, Roman, and Barbie

Roman and Barbie (In the "Monster" music video), two of her most famous alter egos.

An "Alter ego" is described as a second self[1], which is believed to be distinct from a person's normal or original personality.[2] Alter egos are used by numerous performing artists, who use stage or screen personae both to entertain audiences and to explore new identities for themselves.[2] But usually, people who have been deprived or who haven't been able to do what they always wanted to do in life have an alter ego.[3]

Onika Tanya Maraj, has created alter egos by different manners. The alter ego Cookie was created because of her parents' constant fights and arguments[4]. Later, she created alter egos like Rosa, and Nicole for entertainment purposes.[5] In today's music alter egos have been more frequently used by artists. Both Lady Gaga and Nicki's wife ( Beyoncé ) have created their alter egos "Jo Calderone" and "Sasha Fierce." Minaj's alter egos carry the traits of persons rather than alter egos, but Minaj herself has stated that she calls them her alter egos.[6]

List of alter egos[]

The following is a list of alter egos created by Nicki Minaj in alphabetic order:

Image Name Origin Purpose First appearance Description
Chun Li Somewhere in China Rapping "Fireball" Nicki's bad guy persona. Her words can cut deeper than knives.
Cookie-aka-younger-nicki Cookie Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago To escape her childhood trauma Minaj's childhood She is the first alter ego of Nicki Minaj, created during her childhood. She can be seen in some videos of her childhood and teenage years[4]
Barbie Balla Unknown Rapping Nicki's Instagram On December 14th 2018 Nicki posted a photo on instagram with the caption "#BarbieBALLA new alias alert 🎉🍭"
Female Weezy icon Female Weezy Queens, New York City Rapping "Y.U. Mad" She is the female version of Lil Wayne.[7]
Real barbie The Harajuku Barbie Queens, New York City Rapping/Singing "Itty Bitty Piggy" Often shortened simply to Barbie, she is the name of one of Minaj's longest lasting and most famous alter egos, particularly known for her soft voice.
Lap Dance Nika icon Lap Dance Nika Unknown Lap Dancing I Am Music II Tour She performed lap dances at Wayne's tour and later retired when the tour ended. She is rumored to appear when a lap dance is needed.
Martha Zolanski icon Martha Zolanski London, England To discipline her son Roman. "Roman's Revenge" She is the mother of Roman Zolanski and the godmother of Nicki. She's strict and commanding.
BMUS6 Nicki Lewinsky Queens, New York City Rapping "Sunshine" She is one of the most know alter egos of Minaj when she was an underground artist during her mixtape days, and is known for her sexual lyrics.
Original king Nicki Minaj (Alter) Queens, New York Rapping/Singing "Playtime Is Over" King Nicki is a rather remarkable persona, with her bossy and demanding bars.
Nicki Teresa icon Nicki Teresa New York City To heal Minaj's visit at "The Garden of Dreams Foundation" Also known as The Healer, she wears a colorful scarf around her head and went around places as the "healer to her fans."[8]
Nicki the Boss icon Nicki the Boss Queens, New York City Rapping "Jump Off '07" She is described as the ingenious austere business woman that always thinks outside of the box and who is never afraid to assert herself.[9]
Nicki the Ninja icon Nicki the Ninja Philippines Rapping "Higher Than a Kite" She is a hip hop lyrical assassin, who is sometimes naughty.[10]
Nicole icon Nicole California For fun Elle photo shoot interview She is portrayed as a very sweet and bubbly girl who is up for any man who seeks her attention.
Original king Nicki Minaj (Alter) Queens, New York Rapping/Singing "Batman" King Nicki is a rather remarkable persona, with her bossy and demanding bars.
Norman icon Norman Unknown For fun Minaj's UStream He is an alter ego who made appearances on UStream along with SB.[11]
MSSNL14 28229 Onika Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago Rapping/Singing "Letting Go (Dutty Love) Onika is just the Normal Nicki; when Nicki shows her true self. She is vulnerable, romantic, and strong.
Point Dexter icon Point Dexter Unknown SNL skit "The Creep" Often shortened to simply Dexter, she is creepy and a pervert.[12]
Queen Sleeze Glasses
Queen Sleeze Unknown Rapping "SUGE (Remix)" Calm but deadly, quiet but serious. The main inspiration for NM5. [13] She is also Nicki's current alter ego that is being used.
Romanisevil Roman Zolanski London, England Rapping/Singing "My Chick Bad" Minaj's most well-known and utilized alter ego, described as an English homosexual male characterized by being far more outspoken and wild than Nicki herself.
Romania Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean "Bed" music video "Bed" She was captured her in rare form in the "Bed" music video. Before they knew it, she was gone. She didn’t like the cameras & drones.
Rosa icon Rosa Spain, or Latin American For fun Lopez Tonight She was created in an interview with George Lopez.[14]
Tyrone icon Tyrone Harlem, New York City Rapping "Till the World Ends (The Femme Fatale Remix)" Tyrone is a Harlem street thug, who most fans consider a crackhead due to his wild and sporadic movements. Though he has made only a few appearances Tyrone has been recognized for his fast and violent raps.
Red Ruby.
Red Ruby Somewhere in China Rapping/Singing "Red Ruby Da Sleeze" Red Ruby is Nicki's newest alter ego. She debuted with "Red Ruby Da Sleeze".


Unconfirmed/Unofficial alter egos[]

In various occasions Minaj have called herself by many different names leading to fan's speculate of more alter egos, however, those have not been confirmed by Minaj as her alter egos or simply they do not have enough information to be classified as alter egos, the following is a list of unconfirmed or unofficial alter egos of Nicki Minaj:The Bride of Blackenstein: Character of Minaj created for an episode of Saturday Night Live, who acted like a complainant wife.[15] Some fans catalog her as an alter ego. It is most likely confirmed that this is an alter ego.

  1. Da Kid: Minaj sometimes change her tone when saying "Da Kid" but it could probably just be nickname like "Nicki Minaj."[16][17]
  2. Dr. Minaj: for the music video of "Out of My Mind," Minaj created a character for the video called "Dr. Minaj" who falls in love with her patient B.o.B.
  3. Black Hannah Montana: referring to herself as "Hannah Montana," Minaj could mean various things: one being she has alter egos like Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) had Hannah Montana, or that she is a super star like Montana.[18][19][20]
  4. Sexy Chocolate: Minaj said on her twitter that her stripper name is "Sexy Chocolate."[21] Nothing else is known about her.
  5. Super Snatch: for the Beam Me Up Scotty photo shoot, Minaj said that she was dressed up like "Super Snatch" and said that she is "coming soon" before saying "the fastest boss in the business."[22]
  6. None Salmon: Nicki responded to a tweet that stated "Your stripper name is the color of your underwear and the last thing you ate," and deemed herself "None Salmon."
  7. Loriee Zolanski: Loriee is a rumored alter-ego that supposedly appeared in Stupid Hoe and was rumored to appear in Beez In The Trap as well. She is said to be the younger sister of Roman, and daughter of Martha. She has a lisp and swears like a sailor. She is bubbly, girly and rude.
  8. Mermie: An rumored alter ego was made by fans, every time they see Nicki in a green wig and a bikini like in "Massive Attack", Super Bass", "Starships" etc., Mermie is a mermaid that came to land, hence it's name.
  9. The Generous Queen: The generous queen is said to appear in the videos for Ganja Burn and No Frauds. She is very generous and has calculated moves. As stated in the opening of the Ganja Burns music video, she let her enemies win first generously so she could strike back later.
  10. Ken Zolanski: A rumored alter ego made by fans. He is said to be the brother of Roman Zolanski. Ken is calm and mature.
  11. Nick James: An alter ego that only appeared in the "Super Freaky Girl" music video.


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