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Barbie Balla
NameBarbie Balla
OriginProbably somewhere in NYC
SexualityProbably heterosexual
PersonalityCocky, confident, playful
Fashion StyleFeminine, pink, playful, rich
First Appearance"Barbie Drip" & "Barbie Goin Bad"
Featured in"Barbie Drip" , "Barbie Goin Bad" , and "Bust Down Barbiana"

Barbie Balla is an alter ego of Nicki Minaj. She was announced on Nicki's instagram on December 14, 2018 in this post: here. She first appeared when Nicki started releasing cover freestyles of popular songs in February of 2019. Not much is known about her.

In a 2021 live, Minaj played a portion a scrapped track off of Queen. She stated that the song is now 4 years old and that the song features Future. In a line she says “Im the Barbie Balla.” It is likely that Barbie Balla is in this unreleased song.