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Pain & Glory 2
Features Nicki Minaj
Released 2008
Length 3:08

"Big Bidness" is a song by Ransom featuring Nicki Minaj.

Minaj's lyrics

I just came out of the two-door turbo coupe
Shih tzu under my arm, I keep my pooch all cute
And my rim-rim-rims just a-spinnin’ and spinnin’
In the limited edition with Dominican women
And I’m colder than a cough, bitch pat your back
Got that kushy in the car with the hat to match
I be all around town yelling, “I am she,
The b-baddest yellow bitch in the NYC!”
Listen, I don’t wanna fight, I’m too pretty and little
Boo, I only fuck with rings with a rock in the middle
Got killers on Rockaway and 146
That act like the sanitation and dump all clips
Get a mani and pedi while I’m watching Hancock
I keep a bad bitch from Queens to Bangkok
So fuck a hater, fuck a hater, leave it there
Long hair, don’t even care

~End of Song~

I got it baby like, I only come out of hiding for my nigga Ransom.

Like fuck all y'all, we don't fuck boys, we don't fuck girls like,

You know when I know what to get it done like,

You know what i'm saying, dirty money young money

You understand?

South side Jamaica, Queens.

I'm on my spaceship shit,

like y'all bitches can't even touch me like I'm-I'm going to mars, bitch (bitch bitch).