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Bottoms Up cover.jpg
Trey Songz
Passion, Pain & Pleasure
Features Nicki Minaj
Released July 27, 2010
Genre Hip Hop, R&B
Length 4:02
Label Songbook, Atlantic
Writer Tremaine Neverson, Onika Maraj, Edrick Miles, Tony Scales, Daniel Johnson
Producer Kane Beatz
Single information
Single release July 27, 2010
Video release August 17, 2010
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"Hello Good Morning (Remix)"
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"2012 (It Ain't the End)"

"Bottoms Up" is a song by R&B singer Trey Songz featuring Nicki Minaj, and is the first song featuring Roman Zolanski. The track was produced by Kane Beatz, and served as the lead single from his fourth studio album, Passion, Pain & Pleasure. As of August 7, 2011, the song has sold 2,889,000 copies.


Trey Songz sent Minaj two tracks, "Bottoms Up" and "Red Lipstick", giving her the option of which song to do a verse for. In a Ustream with Songz, Minaj revealed her work on the track:

"I kept on hitting you like, 'I'mma have it done today.' I think I did live with it for, like, three days because I was changing it up, I couldn't get it. But then, all of a sudden, something just hit me. I was gonna take that part out [the Anna Nicole Smith part] because I was like, 'Trey is gonna think I'm crazy.' Roman is very spastic. Roman is crazy and Roman is weird and Roman doesn't care."[1]

Minaj later revealed on Twitter that her verse on the song was the quickest she had ever written.[2]

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Music video

The video was directed by Anthony Mandler on July 31, 2010.


Trey Songz - Bottoms Up ft. Nicki Minaj Official Video

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