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Candace Wakefield, 5x Grammy award winning vocalist, singer/songwriter, born and raised in Inglewood CA, Coming from a musical Family, its only right that she follows the path set before her. Candace is heavily Influenced by her mother, Marie Wakefield and Grandmother, the late great Margaret Aiken's- Jenkins, singer songwriter who’s footsteps Candace is following in today. She has worked with multiple artist who helped pave the way towards her success. 

Candace is featured on 5x Grammy award winning hit single "ALRIGHT" and "I LOVE MYSELF"  by KENDRICK LAMAR, "FREEDOM" NICKI MINAJ. JLO "LOVE MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND" TLC "START A FIRE" "NO INTRODUCTION" She has recorded vocals on the hit TV show GLEE, She has toured the globe with NICKI MINAJ on the “Pink Friday roman reloaded” European tour and THE PINK PRINT TOUR. She started her career singing background for Artist OMARION, MARCUS, HOUSTON, MILA J, KELLY PRICE, CIARA ” She has worked with TI, JLO, KEYSHIA COLE , BABY FACE, K. MICHELLE. Candace worked with TLC on their #1 billboard finale studio album, co writing 4 songs "START A FIRE" "AMERICAN GOLD" "PERFECT GIRLS", AND "NO INTRODUCTION" , FAITH EVANS & NOTORIOUS BIG COLLABORATION ALBUM co writing 2 songs "TRYNA GET BY" & "BODY LANGUAGE" She has worked with  NICKELODEON show LITTLE BALLERS INDIANA where she wrote 4 songs including the THEME SONG "TEAM WORK" where legendary rapper MC LYTE graced the track. She made the decision in 2016 to step from the background to the forefront. from writing hits in her 1993 Camaro to writing hits for the stars, Candace released her debut album 1993 CAMARO (THE JOURNEY) April 17, 2018. A project Full of inspiring, uplifting songs that tell the story of her Lifes ups and downs, inspiring dreamers and believing that they too can do it.

Candace is still working and building her career today.  Her goal is to captivate hearts and minds through music.

"Music is healing what are you singing to the people"

Candace Marie Wakefield (born September 14), also known as  SupastarC , is a singer/songwriter/vocalist. She is a backup singer from the Pink Friday Tour Pink Friday: Reloaded Tour And the pink print tour. She is credited on The Re-Up for background vocals on Minaj's "Freedom".

Collaborations with Minaj

Wakefield has collaborated with Nicki Minaj in:

Background vocals

  • "Freedom"
  • Roman Reloaded Tour
  • BG Vocals on AMA Music Awards
  • BG vocals on Billboard Music Awards
  • BG Vocals for NICKI MINAJ on Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • BG Vocals for NICKI MINAJ on Ellen DeGeneres Show

Featured BG vocalist on Kendrick Lamar's I (I love myself) "To pimp a butterfly" Featured BG vocalist on Kendrick Lamar's 'Alright" To pimp a butterfly

Featured BG Vocalist on JLO "Love make the world go round"

BG vocalist Keyshia Cole Remember pt 2