OriginSomewhere in China
SexualityProbably Heterosexual
PersonalityDefensive, cutthroat, unapologetic, intimidating
Fashion StyleSexy, erotic, Asian-influenced
First Appearance"Fireball"
Featured in"Fireball" , Chun-Li", and "The Light Is Coming"
Chun-Li (pronounced CHUN-LEE) is Nicki Minaj's bad guy persona. She officially debuted as an alter-ego in the self-titled single, "Chun-Li," off of "Queen." Although, her first appearance was in "Fireball.'' She appears on several other tracks throughout "Queen," and proves to be a vital part of the album. Unlike the Chun-Li hailing from Capcom's popular Street Fighter series, she is known to be very defensive and standoffish. The original video game Chun-Li was the first female fighter of any fighting game franchise. Chun-Li performed on stage on SNL in 2018, as well as at the 2018 BET Awards.

Pictures of Chun-Li

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