Couture by Minaj

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Couture by Minaj is a collection of limited edition outfits to dress up Nicki Minaj's many fragrances including Pink Friday, Pink Friday Special Edition and Pink Friday Deluxe Edition.


Minaj announced on March 3, 2013 a surprise for her fans. On March 4, Minaj revealed the collection "Couture by Minaj" which consist of three limited edition outfits for the Pink Friday fragrance bottle, and will be released to celebrate the launch of the fragrance in the UK. The outfits have been designed in partnership with Nicki as a special treat for UK Barbz. She revealed the three outfits that day named "Duchess of Pink", "Starships Minaj", and "Whip It Like Minaj". The last one generated a big buzz for the collection making it the #1 trending topic Worldwide. A fourth limited edition outfit named "British Pink" was revealed on March 19, 2013.

In November 2013, Pink Friday Deluxe Edition (2nd limited edition Pink Friday) got two outfits. "Up in Flames" was exclusive for Germany, and the other is called "Divinity" available in the UK.


There are a total of four limited edition outfits. In order to acquire one of the outfits you have to be one of the first 100 persons to buy a 100 ml Pink Friday fragrance at any Selfridges store starting on the day of the launch (March 14). "Duchess of Pink" was available on that Friday. "Whip It Like Minaj" was available on that Saturday. "Starships Minaj" was available the following Friday on March 22. "British Pink" was available on March 23. The Pink Friday Deluxe Edition fragrance got two outfits. "Up in Flames" was released in Germany in November 2013. "Divinity" was revealed in November 2013.

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