Sucka Free cover
Nicki Minaj
Sucka Free
Genre Rap
Length 2:46
Label Be Records
Writer Onika Maraj
Producer Chucky Thompson, Mario Winans, Diddy
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"Dead Wrong" is track number 17.
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"Dead Wrong" is the seventeenth track on Nicki Minaj's second mixtape Sucka Free. The recording is an original rap over the instrumental of "Dead Wrong" by The Notorious B.I.G..

Music Video

Nicki minaj -Dead Wrong Freestyle(True Stories DvD)

Nicki minaj -Dead Wrong Freestyle(True Stories DvD)


You be yellin' boom boom when you really poon poon
See my flow hotter then noon in June, June
If Biggie was alive, he would sign me
I'm the New Edition like Bobby and Ronnie
Just give me the beat and a bottle of Dasani
And I dont need Clyde, I'm a boss, fuck a Bonnie
Ya dig?
Religious like the preachers, I came here to warn you
Listen bitches I'm the teacher, go sit in the corner
How many times I gotta spit 'til they know that I'm the bitch?
Im flyer than a maggot, I'm on some shit
First they love you then they switch, yeah they switch like faggots
Thats why I keep the llama in Gabbana fabrics
I'm the shit, should be in pampers like Markie Bizzes
Give anybody the business like hers and hises
'Cause my flow tighter then them virgin bitches
You know them as-salamu alaykum, them Persian bitches
And if you miss me I'm swervin' sixes
God damn, ain't even pregnant but I'm birthin' bitches
'Cause I got Flavor like that girl Deelishis
Stop actin' like you a killer with them girly disses, bitches
I ain't Johnny, but my-my-my
She want it with me, tell her fi bloodclot try
You ain't thorough, I'm the truth, you a lie
My whole borough yellin' out boom!—bye bye
'Cause when I seen her she was shakin' in her boots
When Nicki came through she was throwin up her deuce
Slap her then I asked her, "What's my name?"
She said "N-I-C, the president of the NYC"
You dead wrong

These bitches is buns
You got it going on
Ayo Nic, you dead wrong

Dirty Money nigga wha?

When I do it, it's done and goddid it I won nigga—I'm dead wrong
My nigga patty to the dupe, nigga catty to the coupe nigga chea, you dead wrong
My nigga diggs on the board, oh lordy on the board nigga, you dead wrong
Look, I gots to brush my shoulders off on this one, like
Rest in peace BIG, my nigga Stack Bundles

'Cause you're dead wrong