Not to be confused with The Harajuku Barbie or Barbz.

Harajuku Barbie is often interpreted as the fashion behind Nicki Minaj's style.

This fashion sense and lifestyle became so prominent that Minaj created an alter ego specifically for it named The Harajuku Barbie.

Nicki Minaj explains Harajuku Barbie

Nicki Minaj explains Harajuku Barbie

Nicki Minaj explains "Harajuku Barbie"

Nicki Minaj went out on a viral video to explain the newest form of Harajuku Barbie, where according to her, was a fashion style she got inspired of.

According to the video, she got inspired by the Japanese city Harajuku where the culture of the same name begun, Because people were adding "something" to "Barbie" to describe something, for example: a fashion style, Nicki decided to combine these two words to create the name of "Harajuku Barbie", describing her fashion style.

This prominent style that was adopted by many female fans, which led to them calling themselves Harajuku Barbiez, eventually shortened to simply Barbz, and so Minaj's coinage of the fashion term eventually led to the common name for female members of Team Minaj.