An unknown Barb
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  • i though ya'll was females no¬†offence talkin like that

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  • Happy birthday, enjoy it a lot.

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  • Hope it was a good one!¬†:)

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  • Hope you have an amazing day! God bless ya'¬†;*

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  • You should put the special edition pink friday fragance the white wig one thats is coming out in april or may (information please) i want it how much cost? how many time is going to long in the stores? what countries are getting it? thank you

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    • Just ask some of the admins to put info about the special edition of the Pink Friday fragrance!

      I don't know how much does it cost or in which countries is it gonna be available!

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    • An unknown Barb
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  • Again, you are posting links to other websites. Some times you even post links that don't have anything to do with the article or the wiki. You are breaking our Community Policy. Please, read the CP carefully, next time I'll have to ban you and I really don't want to do that but I don't have any other options, we have been tolerating to much faults of you. Although, you still being one of our best contributors in the wiki, you just have to change some problems with your behavior.

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  • OK here's my new composition!

    This is the ultimate diss!



    Bastard,trying to act intelectual,

    Dickhead,i don't even care about you,

    You are,you were and you will be always just some homosexual,

    You've been a lesbian,

    Now sit!

    My lyrics are so explicit,

    Rap-Genius can't explain them,

    I talk about my penius

    I'm the meanest,

    I talk to you,

    You are the best person,of course it's a sarcasm!

    I am Nick,

    Here's my dick,

    Yes,you have to lick,

    With your tongue,

    What did you sung??

    I don't remember!

    It was in fucking November!

    I am rap,and you are just a crap!

    When is your album gonna drop?

    I don't even know,cause it's gonna flop!

    Dickhead,penis butter jelly time!


    Eat my banana,

    Bitch you are gonna die in Panama! 

    Just fuck off,your brother is gonna die in Guatemala!

    You can call me "Hater O' Sexual"!

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  • My grandmother told me,that one of my relatives lived (but not born) in New Zealand.So does this make me New Zealander?

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  • Hey. What the fuck is your problem? If I see you talk shit about me ONE MORE TIME, I'm gonna block you. You call me a pussy, yet you have no balls to say those words to me using this user. Call this a threat or whatever you want, but I warned you. If you want to solve this, say to me what you want and we'll hopefully end this. If you don't want, I'll simply block you the next time you annoy me. You don't lose anything, but at least I have to deal with one less asshole.

    @Other admins: Sorry for being rude and using disrespectful words. I'm ready for the consequences, if there are any.

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    • Honestly guys, at this point in the argument, it is best to just forget the past and move on! There is no way to know if Rayshaun and Nicky are the same person, so we should just move on! Nicky say sorry, Diar say sorry and forget it! One of the great things about being such a small wiki, is that we all know each other and can get on like a Wiki family! And I'm sure that neither of you want to jeopardize our community's happy healthy family over something like this!

      @Diar: I'm sorry that people have been rude to you, but it is better not to accuse people if you are not 100% sure of who has done it, as it could be considered rude to them, and then the chain would just continue! I haven't seen Rayshaun in a while, I'm not sure what happened to him so lets just forget about him and get on with being friends that enjoy this one hobbie together! All of us!

      @Nicky: If it was you, then the time to own up would be now, accept the consequences and act like the bigger man! If not then move on from this, don't hold a grudge against Diar as it was a mistake that could have easily been made by anyone! Take this time to support him whilst he is dealing with this mild case of cyber bullying, and return to being friends and 'co-workers'!

      Sorry to get involved everyone, but I just wanted to help! I hope I have!

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    • Thank you very much UKMinaj. I'm gonna say sorry for accusing Nicky without being 100% sure, but that's all. I didn't do anything else wrong. Or at least that's what I think o.O

      Thanks again UKMinaj for trying to make peace here  <3

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    • An unknown Barb
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