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Studio album by Nicki Minaj
Recorded 2018-2021
Label Young Money, Cash Money, Universal Republic
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(2018) (2021)

NM5 is the fifth studio album by Nicki Minaj, to be released sometime in 2021-2022.


It was first referenced as "the thing thing" in the song “Barbie Goin Bad" in February of 2019. In the record, Minaj talks about her label wanting her to release the lead single from her fifth album, and that the album has been recorded. Nicki revealed on the thirteenth episode of Queen Radio that she plans to go on the tour for Queen once NM5 is released, so she can do a joint album tour just like her friend Ariana Grande did with “Sweetener” and “Thank U, Next” in 2019. Nicki uncovered on the fourteenth episode of Queen Radio that the album might have her iconic ‘pink' in the title. The album was set for a possible release in late 2019, or early 2020. During a few interviews at Nicki's Fendi Prints On Event, Nicki revealed that she was still contemplating whether to release NM5.

Arctic Tundra is a currently unreleased song by Juice Wrld featuring Nicki Minaj. The track was teased on Nicki's Instagram livestream alongside Blue Cash with Young Thug. Juice and Nicki recorded at different times with Juice recording presumably during the Nicki Wrld Tour, and Nicki contributing her part sometime in 2019 or 2020. Arctic Tundra was reported to be included on Juice Wrld's posthumous album, "Legends Never Die" but upon the album's release, the song was not included on the record.

Yikes was released on February 7, 2020 following a 3 month hiatus from social media. Nicki clarified that track is not a lead single to her new album, but a promotional single. Yikes also marks the first song released under Nicki's then new management of Irving Azoff.

Possible songs:

A cryptic tweet simply read "Memories," which some have taken to be a new song from NM5. Snippets here and there have been leaked by Minaj herself that include the word "Memories" in the lyrics.

Currently unreleased song with Juice Wrld which Nicki has teased.

It has been rumored that Kanye West sold the song to Minaj.

Likely just a stand-alone promotional single, could end up as a Japanese or Target exclusive bonus track.

It has been rumored that Good Luck will be on NM5.

  • "Miss Me"

Also rumored to be on NM5.