Studio album by Nicki Minaj
Released UNKNOWN
Genre Rap
Format Digital download, streaming, CD
Nicki Minaj chronology
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NM5 is a place holder name for Nicki Minaj's fifth studio album suspected to be released sometime in the next year. It was first referenced as "the thing thing" in "Barbie Goin Bad" in February of 2019. In the song she talks about her label wanting her to release the lead single from her fifth album and that the album has been recorded. Nicki revealed on the thirteenth episode of Queen Radio that she plans to go on the tour for Queen once NM5 is released so she can do a joint album tour just like her friend Ariana Grande did in 2019. Nicki revealed on the fourteenth episode of Queen Radio that the album might have 'pink' in the title. The album is set for a possible release in late 2019/early 2020. During interviews at Nicki's Fendi Prints On Event, Nicki revealed that she was still considering if she was going to release NM5.

Many rumours have circulated on Twitter, such as there being a song featuring Ariana Grande and Doja Cat. This rumor was confirmed false by Doja Cat on Twitter.

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