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Not to be confused with Nicki Minaj Speaks (Track 10) or Nicki Minaj Speaks (Track 17).
Beam Me Up Scotty.jpg
Nicki Minaj
Beam Me Up Scotty
Released April 18, 2009
Length 0:19
Label Trapaholics Records
Writer Onika Maraj
Beam Me Up Scotty track listing
"Nicki Minaj Speaks" is track number 6.
Previous track
"Mind on My Money"
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"Slumber Party"

"Nicki Minaj Speaks" is an interlude on Nicki Minaj's third mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty. It is the sixth track on the tape and one of three tracks titled "Nicki Minaj Speaks".


You know, when I went out to Ohio, there was like a mini riot
And, you know, we thought it was, like, Michael Jackson, you know?
So we was just looking for the gloves and the two little white kids with the silk wrapped around they face
You know, 'cause the people were just going crazy
They was screaming and, you know, yelling
And I turn around...


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