The Wiki Minaj's User of the Month is a distinguished user honored with the "User of the Month medal" and a place on the Hall of Fame because of his or her great and big contributions made to the wiki.

Needless to say, the User of the Month has no extra authority. The idea is to show appreciation and acknowledge of his or her great participation in the wiki.

How it happens

  • The process of awarding a user is held by all the active administrators. This in order to avoid arguments and complications.
  • In the last week before the last day of the current month, admins select and discuss who should be awarded with the User of the Month.
  • The admins must agree and select one recipient.
  • Admins are entrusted to properly select the candidate.


The user who won the elections is honored with the User of the Month Medal in his or her user page.

UOTM This user won the User of the Month of January 2013.

Hall of Fame

User Month
(message wallcontribs)
January 2013
(message wallcontribs)
February 2013
(message wallcontribs)
March 2013
(message wallcontribs)
May 2019
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