Nicki Minaj fragrances
Nicki Minaj has released numerous fragrances since September 2012 with Give Back Brands and Elizabeth Arden. Her latest was released in 2019. The Nicki Minaj fragrance collection consists of nine fragrances, including six standard releases and three limited edition or "flanker" releases.

The fragrances

Couture by Minaj

Along with the UK release of Pink Friday, four limited Couture by Minaj Outfits were released. 100 of each outfit was made and was released for the first 100 people to buy the 100mL bottle. The outfits are called "Duchess Of Pink", "Starships Minaj" and "Whip It Like Minaj" which was presumed the final outfit before "British Pink" was released. For Pink Friday Deluxe Edition two outfits were released. For Germany the outfit was called "Up In Flames" and in the UK, "Divinity" was released.

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