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Nicki the Ninja
NameNicki the Ninja
PersonalityMysterious, homicidal, naughty,
Fashion StyleKimono, ninja style
First Appearance"Higher Than a Kite"
Featured inSucka Free and Beam Me Up Scotty mixtapes and Queen

Nicki the Ninja (also known just as Ninja) is an alter ego of Nicki Minaj who appeared mainly at Minaj's mixtapes when she was an underground artist. Ninja is described as a hip hop lyrical assassin sometimes very naughty,[1] who appearances in songs is due Ninja's "homicidal" lyrics with rude and tough verses that mostly dismiss other people, commonly haters of Minaj. The tune of Ninja in her appearances is generally quiet and calm but she also raps similar as Minaj and just mentions herself.


The first appearance of Nicki the Ninja was in "Higher Than a Kite." A music video for the song was released prior the release of her second mixtape, Sucka Free, which contains the song. In the song, a murderess lyrical Minaj can be heard at the beginning saying "Murda dem, Murda dem, Just one word body a third of them," meaning that with just one word rapped by her the competition will be dead. She then called herself "Ninja Nicki" because she own the game, beat anyone in there and nobody can be better than her.[2] As defined by her own MySpace profile, she is a "hip hop lyrical assassin," which means she is not only presented in songs about "murda dem" but also in the songs where Ninja "slay" the track, meaning overwhelm.[3] Like The Harajuku Barbie, Ninja is inspired in Japanese culture.


It could be assumed that Ninja is featured in the song "Your Love" because the tune is similar as other Ninja appearances (like "Higher Than a Kite" and "Brraaattt"), because she wears a kimono in the music video (something Ninja wears),[4] and because of the lyric "When I was a Geisha he was a Samurai",[5]. A Nicki dressed like a ninja can be seen in the music video of "Your Love" which makes very likely to be Nicki the Ninja. At the end of the video, another ninja or samurai is seen killing Nicki so it could be assumed that Nicki the Ninja was killed in that video and that would explain why she no longer appears in later records of Minaj.[6] she also appeared in Four Door Aventador, in 2017, Minaj posted pictures wearing Ninja Wearings on Instagram with lyrics of Light My Body Up, It is believed that Ninja is featured on the single. In 2018, Nicki The Ninja made a return on the track Chun-Li.


Sucka Free

Beam Me Up Scotty


Pictures of Nicki the Ninja


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