Beam Me Up Scotty
Nicki Minaj
Beam Me Up Scotty
Released April 18, 2009
Genre Rap
Length 3:08
Label Trapaholics Records
Writer Onika Maraj
Producer Danja
Beam Me Up Scotty track listing
"Still I Rise" is track number 20.
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"Can Anybody Hear Me?"
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"I Feel Free"

"Still I Rise" is the twentieth track on Nicki Minaj's mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty. The song was originally leaked in 2008 and was ultimately added to Beam Me Up Scotty. The song is about Nicki standing up to the haters, and addressing certain situations/rumors people spread about her, including being Chinese, having a sexual relationship with Lil Wayne, being a lesbian, and copying Lil' Kim's style.

The recording is an original rap over the beat of "No Matter What" by T.I.


Minaj revealed on Twitter that she wrote the song in her BMW, parked in front of her mother's house.[1]

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