Not to be confused with Sunshine (Playtime Is Over).
Sucka Free cover
Nicki Minaj
Sucka Free
Features Lil Wayne
Genre Rap
Length 3:18
Label Be Records
Writer Onika Maraj
Producer Daven "Prestige" Vanderpool
Sucka Free track listing
"Sunshine" is track number 2.
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"President Carter Speaks"
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"Sunshine" is the second track on Nicki Minaj's second mixtape Sucka Free. The song features guest vocals by rapper Lil Wayne. The recording is an original rap over the beat of "Sunshine" by Jay-Z and Foxy Brown.


Nicki Minaj-icon  Intro∶ Nicki Minaj  

Ayo young money nigga. Hello Brooklyn, President Carter, Nicki Lewinsky

Nicki Minaj-icon  Verse 1∶ Nicki Minaj  

Me and the dread yo
Give him some head blow long as he know he keep me flyer than a red bull
Don't give a damn when Christmas is, my bitches is president mistresses
Now let's go I'm with the boss I'm Ms. Ross
I make them girls jump like I'm criss cross
Back to basics bitch I been hot since Asics
And I'm tighter than face lifts, flyer the spaceships
Now as for dread? I met him on mars I said I am Minaj and I'm gooder with the bars
He said that he a martian he can be my Tarzan
And he looking for a bad bitch for his squadron
That's how we got together See he control the weather
 I leave my planet never without my umbereller
It's dirty money slash young money cash money
You can't catch money? Run it nigga, fast money
Getting at Weezy you coming through meezy and I won't hesitate to do anyone greezy
If he gimme the word then I'm flipping the bird and then I'm spinning around and I'm gripping the burner
See I been the bitch since bubble gum and double dutch
You was playing hopscotch bitch I been top notch
Bitches is whack they trash they just pollution
Write ya own raps make that ya resolution, fuckas

 [Sampled Chorus by Babyface x2]
Touch me with, a heart of gold (uh-huh)
I can't go a day without my sunshine (uh-huh) ahh-haaa (say what? uhh)
Touch me with, a smile of gold (yeah)
I can't go a day without my sunshine, sunshine (uhh, uhh, uhh)

Lil Wayne-icon  Verse 2∶ Lil Wayne  

Yeah, ok I'm dread yo
I keep a red ho I keep a red bow, Blood gang bitch!
I get that bread, dough I get that head blow until she got a red throat (Haha)
Now who be rolling with the boy like sushi She said her name was Nicki I'm Tunchi
I ain't have to introduce me, She knew me
I told her that's she's unique like a boutique and I got her and she said she got me
Now let's go, She with the boss and I'm the boss
He the president Yeah she Lewinsky, but we never get caught
And I could give her brain back because I'm so smart
Fuck with my bitch and I'm a draw like Picasso art
Yeah I spit at you like a hot beat and nigga if it's not her then it's (not me)
Yeah As for her I met her on mars and she say "I am Minaj, and I'm gooder with the bars"
She got me with her charm my wings on my arm Now we flying over chicken heads shittin on ya farm
Like sittin on ya thorn
Like sittin on a thorn We sticking to ya ass like brass
 So get a new alarm for me and miss Nicki barns cause we kill everyone and get acquitted in the morn
So get a new alarm for me and ms Nicki barns cause we kill everyone and get acquitted in the morn bling, bling!

Nicki Minaj-icon  Outro∶ Nicki Minaj  

Listen, Listen Mr President you know the mistress gotta holla at you for the minute right like?
Meet the girl in the oval office, it's nothing is going down hahaha
Tell ya wife you gonna be a lil' late tonight hahaha Yeah!!!

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