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Hey there user! In case you want to use the Template:User Profile you need to follow this two easy steps:

Step 1

Paste the information in the box in your user page. Paste it on the top:

{{User Profile
|Nickname =
|Image =
|Phrase =
|Name =
|Age =
|Gender =
|Country =
|Favorite artists =
|Favorite songs =

Step 2

Write your personal information as say bellow (if you don't want to put some information just delete the row). Please don't submit to much information, it could be dangerous.:

  • Nickname: write a nickname, like "Big Roman" or "BeezerInTheTrap".
  • Image: select an image from the catalog of images of the wiki or upload your own photo (as long the image follow the policies of the wiki). You just need to write the name of the file and the type of image (Example: "NickiMinaj.jpg")Learn more about uploading photos.
  • Phrase: write a phrase of your own or a famous phrase of someone you know.
  • Name: write your real name in this space, if you want.
  • Age: write you current age. Let's be honest, it doesn't matter how old are you :)
  • Gender: write your gender. ATTENTION: don't cheat anyone, write your real gender.
  • Country: write the current country you live. If you wish you can write your city as well BUT DON'T write your address.
  • Favorite artists: write your favorite artist or artists. Tip: Nicki Minaj
  • Favorite songs: write your favorite songs. It could be one or a hundred of songs! Your choice.


If you still don't understand this here is one example of the use of this template:

As written:

{{User Profile
|Nickname = Nokia Minaj
|Image = BeautifulNicki.jpg
|Phrase = We're meant to fly!
|Name = Alicia LLaves
|Age = 16
|Gender = Barb ♥!
|Country = Barbieland
|Favorite artists = Nicki Minaj, Nicki Minaj and NICKI MINAJ!!!
|Favorite songs = Super Bass, Starships, Rude Boy, Till the World Against Me

As seen:

Nokia Minaj
Were meant to fly!
NameAlicia LLaves
GenderBarb ♥!
Favorite artistsNicki Minaj, Nicki Minaj and NICKI MINAJ!!!
Favorite songsSuper Bass, Starships, Rude Boy, Till the World Against Me

Not enough?

If you still have your doubts, please write a message here or write a message to me here.

Good luck and keep editing!