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Hello! I'm Mhavril39, I have been away at university and unable to help out as of late, but I hope to stay more involved! Please inbox me with any questions/comments. [citation needed]

Nicki facts

My favorite Nicki Minaj songs!

In descending order, my top 40 or so songs. It took me a long time to come up with this list, but I couldn't go on in life without these songs!

  1. Your Love
  2. Monster
  3. Autobiography
  4. Up All Night
  5. Beam Me Up Scotty
  6. Super Bass
  7. Here and There (Girl You Bad)
  8. Girls Fall Like Dominoes
  9. I Get Crazy
  10. Fuck U Silly
  11. Roger That
  12. Anaconda
  13. Playtime Is Over
  14. Girl On Fire (Inferno Version)
  15. Moment 4 Life
  16. Turn Me On
  17. Jump Off '07
  18. Teqkilla (Remix)
  19. Best I Ever Had (Remix)
  20. Roman Reloaded
  21. I'm the Best
  22. Roman's Revenge
  23. Beautiful Sinner
  24. Handstand
  25. A$$
  26. Did It On'em
  27. Itty Bitty Piggy
  28. High School
  29. Lil Freak
  30. Wanna Minaj?
  31. Bottoms Up
  32. Gun Shot
  33. Higher Than a Kite
  34. Muny
  35. Pound the Alarm
  36. Tragedy
  37. Save Me
  38. Sunshine (2008)
  39. Sweet Dreams (Remix)
  40. Dopeman
  41. Va Va Voom
  42. Roman Holiday
  43. Grindin' Making Money
  44. Brraaattt
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