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How I found out about Nicki:

Well I found out about nicki when i was young, the first song I've heard of hers was Anaconda. Which was in 2014 When I heard that song I felt more alive then I ever felt. Then I was like who is this girl?; I looked up her name on YouTube then BAM! song after song, I got addicted to her I felt like a magnet in a junk yard. Her songs were just so amazing every second of it the beat, amazing, the lyrics, amazing, the visuals, AMAZING! Her music gave me power and made me stronger and express myself. Nicki made me who I am today; A bad b*tch.


Favorite Nicki Songs:

  • Barbie dreams
  • Barbie tingz
  • Whole lotta choppas (remix)
  • Say so (remix)
  • Flawless (remix)
  • Still I rise
  • Seeing Green
  • Fractions
  • Envy
  • Can anybody hear me?
  • Expensive
  • Oh My Gawd
  • Pills and Potions
  • LLC
  • Yikes
  • Good form
  • Good Form (remix)
  • No frauds
  • Massive attack
  • Barbie drip
  • Bed
  • Side to Side
  • MAMA
  • Bang Bang
  • Boys
  • Hey mama
  • Hard white