Not much info is known about both things. Check the photos below.

What do you think guys? I think she is going to release a new flavour for that drink. Do you think the drink is going to be alcoholic or non-alcoholic? If it's alcoholic, I can't drink it because my religion doesn't allow it :X

And about her own Beats By Dre... I SERIOUSLY HOPE THEY WON'T BE FUCKING PINK! I'm really tired of that color. After all, we never got something for ourselves... everything made by Nicki is pink :( Hopefully she will do less-girly things in the future. It's not that I have something against female fans or homosexual fans, it's just that I can't go around wearing pink stuff, because I'm not homosexual. I don't want to be called something I am not. Hope none of you got me wrong.

View the pics below! (credit: Maraj Magazine)

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Myx Fusion

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All credits for the photos go to Maraj Magazine for posting them.